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    My story began 39 years ago in a small town called Springerville, Arizona. No crowds, malls or concrete jungles there. A heck of a lot of places for a kid to get dirty, get into trouble, and grow up country. The kind of place where a boy can be a boy and not worry one bit about the fast pace of city life. Lets just say I was born to hunt. If it gobbles, bugles, or grunts chances are I have chased it more than a time or two and for me that never gets old. "I bet you all know what I am talking about."
I am really proud of where I came from, and I excited about where I am at and where I am headed. I got my start way back in 1989 fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a professional hunting guide. Since then my life has been a whirlwind hunting hard, going new places, and meeting great folks from coast to coast. I am loving every minute of it, and would not trade it for anything, and I plan on doing it until the good Lord tells me different. But for as much fun as I have had, you better believe I will never, ever forget just how blessed I truly am. I am blessed with a loving family, and a job that I love. I am blessed with more friends a guy could ever ask for, REALLY. I am blessed to live in a country where I am free to be the rowdy wild man I was born to be. And along the way I want to thank the Lord, my parents, family,  friends, and a long list of real Americans like the brave men and women of the armed forces."They've always had my back".

                                                Sonny Tapia



  I have had 3 successful hunts with Sonny. You can see that the proof is in the picture. Make your dream hunt come true with Dream Mountain Outfitters.

John Lueck,   WI (715) 568-4160

  Sonny, I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did on my elk hunt, and the effort you put out for my son on the bear hunt. I have never had a guide as knowledgeable and hard working as you, not to mention the always positive attitude and friendliness that you display. Please feel free to use my name as a reference anytime. I am looking forward to hunting with you again soon!

Ricky Saliba,   Dothan, AL (334) 701-0763

  Sonny, I hunted with Sonny in Arizona in 2000 and shot this nice bull. Sonny is one of the best elk guides in the business. He is very patient with people but aggressive with the elk, and that is the formula for success in the guiding business. I heartily recommend Sonny to anyone looking for a quality hunt.

Best regards Bill Winke,   Petersens Bowhunting Mag

  Sonny,Hunting with you has been a truly great experience. With another trophy Bull in 2004, I'm looking forward to some more great adventures. Maybe a Mulie or a Big cat?

Thanks Tracy TeWinkle,   Clymer, New York

  I've really enjoyed my hunts with Sonny Tapia. Sonny and his people take care of all the details and get their clients to the best areas. Sonny is constantly in the field supervising his hunts and that dedication makes a difference.

Dr. Anatoly Tony Aivazian,  CA (818) 888-2357

  December 2004 hard working and honest, great hunter, planning another trip, Sonny is top notch, talk with him before booking somewhere else.

Bill Petras

  Sonny knows where the trophy elk are and his top priority is making sure that his clients have a successful hunt. I have enjoyed hunting with him and look forward to next time.

Jason Isaak

  Sonny,I want to thank you for the outstanding bear hunt! You are indeed a true HUNTER! Not just a guide trying to make money. Your hard work was evident and you attitude made the trip that much more enjoyable. I cannot wait for you to guide me on a Elk or Mule Deer hunt! Again many thanks for making my trip a success!

David Capps,   Dothan Alabama (334) 899-2029

  Sonny, I want to thank you for taking my son and grandson on the December Elk Hunt! And myself on the bowhunt in New Mexico. I've hunted with many outfitters in the past, you truely know how to find Elk. I would recommend you in a New York minute.

Thanks, Paul   (520)-955-0700

  In October 2005, I had the opportunity of hunting early bull elk in Arizona with Sonny and although I have been hunting for 48 years and taken several elk: I learned a lot from Sonny during our hunt! Sonny is without a doubt, one of the best of the best! he is truely a professional outdoorsman and a man of his word. And boy, does he know his elk! That morning he talked elk with atleast nine bulls and several were coming in. As I turned to look behind me that morning, what I saw belonged on a magazine cover. There was a 6x6 bull coming in. He stopped for a moment about 150 yards from us and was standing head on upon a small rise in a large meadow. It was cool the morning and you could see the breath from his nostrils, his head was up and the early morning sunlight was hitting his rack. What a magnificent sight to behold! I will remember the harvest and my hunt with Sonny forever!

Craig H Adams, Retired

  If you want the opportunity to have the best chance of getting your bull of a lifetime give Sonny Tapia (Owner) of Dream Mountain Outfitters a call. He works Very hard and is hungry to satisfy you, because he wants you to go home happy, and to be a customer forever if possible. Thank you Sonny for an awesome hunt and for the friendship we share.

Mike Grasmick   Boise, Idaho (208)-389-2138

  Dream Mountain Outfitters gave my son and I memories that will last a life time. Sonny’s knowledge and desire to please his clients was over and above all expectations. With Sonny’s persistence and effort Kyle killed his first elk!! Our camp was great and the food was unbelievable! Thanks Sonny for a great experience. We will be back!!!

William J Groves   Madisonville, KY (270)-836-8076

  Dear Sonny, Just wanted to say thanks again for the great "Hunting Trip Of A Life Time".All though I didn't harvest a bull elk, it was not your fault. When you have the opproturnities that I had in a six day hunt, "Wow" what a thrill, what a rush. I was so pumped each day we had an encounter with a bull , and then on the last day to have a shot at a 375 bull at 25 yards, I got so nervous my shaking fingers it the release before I got the pin settled on him and the arrow went under him, "Wow" I still get a rush thinking about it. I would highly recommend you and your service to anyone.

Thanks Again, Ray Shaw

  I have known Sonny Tapia for 4 years now, We have become good friends, I have been on several successful hunts with Sonny, including one of my own 2007 late season Bull Elk and a success it was!! I have hunted with alot of people over the years and you cant ask for a better, more knowledgeable and informative hunting guide. If you want a guide of all guides call Sonny Tapia, he will make your dream come true!! Thanks Sonny for all your help!!

Wyatt Adams,   Overgaard AZ 

  Sonny I just wanted to thank you for a outstanding 2007 elk harvest. Your dedication and intensity while your hunting is 1st class. I can see why your hunter keep coming back year after year and why your harvest rate is so high. The four days I spent in the field hunting with you was unbelievable experience for me. I was able to hear my first elk bugle. I had been 2 other times previously and had never heard an elk bugle. Thanks for that experience. I also had a chance to see 9 shooter bull elks. Out of the 9, 6 of the 9 were 300+ bulls-what an opportunity you gave me! I'm glad I listened to you when you strongly suggested for me to hunt with the muzzle loader. There were some other friends of mine who hunted in New Mexico and didn't have the opportunity to see the game that I did. I'll be back next year.

Thanks again, Frank "PeeWee" McClung   Charleston, WV (304)-984-9393

  I want to thank Sonny Tapia & Dream Mountain Outfitters for a relaxing amd enjoyable hunting experience. What I like is that Sonny makes you feel more like a friend than a client. Sonny works hard to get you on the animals, and knows what he is he is doing. I like an outfitter that works hard scouting and preparing in the off season as well. Dream Mountain Outfitters is great because they dont just do it for a business, they do it! After hunting with Sonny and the guides I went back home with a good hunt and a great friend. Thanks again Sonny.

Adam Gander

  Sonny, I appreciate all you and your guides did for me and all of the rest of the guys. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Thanks again & talk to you soon. Jason Minnite

  Sonny, Thank you for setting us up with a such a great hunt. I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. The camp was very comfortable, the food was great and your entire team was very knowledgable and fun to be around. I highly reccomend your services and I will be back next season.

Doug Sigg (303) 579-3674 doug






























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