Dream Mountain Outfitters

Hunting with well trained hounds could be one of the most exciting and exhilarating preditor hunts ever!


         Lion hunts offer a great opportunity in the off season for most big game. Mountain lions are seldom seen in the wild. We use the most up to date equipment such as GPS systems for our dogs, two way radios to communicate, we believe with that it makes the most of your time while on you hunt. With both Arizona and New Mexico tags being over the counter makes it easy and convenient. Arizona's season is year round but we hunt them December to around April. New Mexico season is October 1 through March 31 with a quota in affect.

                             We live in prime bear and lion country!!    


          If you are looking for a fast pace and complete action packed bear hunt then we have the hunt for you with the aid of well-trained hounds. The sound of hound pursuit of a big brute will echo through the trees. On this type of hunt we will use 4X4 trucks with the aid of rig dogs. 

    It is exciting and my favorite way to hunt these brutes. Arizona and New Mexico bear tags are over the counter. With Arizona seasons starting in August through December, and New Mexico August through November. We also have Arizona Spring Bait Hunts available.









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